ZKM1320-500自动送料数控外圆磨床 Automatic feeding grinder series
 This machine tool is suitable for grinding cylindrical and conical cylindrical, as well as axial end face.
The geometric accuracy and working accuracy of this machine tool have steadily reached the accuracy standard of the cylindrical grinder.
The grinding machine is controlled by CNC system. Servo motors are used to move the crossbeams of two manipulators. It can automatically feed and unload materials. It can grind one gear or several gears at the same time. The machine also has the automatic protection function of each working position. One person can operate several machines, which is suitable for batch production of workpieces and has high production efficiency.
Trailer control system: Guangzhou CNC GSK980MC (optional for customers)
Feeding Control System: Customized Grinding Machine Feeding Control System
Screw: Precision ball screw (domestic, imported optional)

Optional configuration: external diameter automatic measuring device