CKZ6136H自动送料数控加工齿胚,轴车床 Automatic feeding lathe series
1. This series of automatic feeding lathe adopts casting integral bed foot with strong stability and good steel performance. The guide rail adopts linear guide rail, stainless steel full protection, independent spindle and servo spindle motor. The spindle speed can reach 5000 rpm.
2. The machine tool adopts customized feeding system, two manipulators, automatic feeding, unloading, beam moving, using servo motor, suitable for processing gear, shaft and other workpieces.
3. The machine has the automatic protection function of each station.
4. Imported components are used in the main parts of electrical appliances. This lathe is economical and practical, and easy to operate.
Inverter: Servo Driver
Bearing structure: front four back two, six bearings
Guideway Form: Linear Guideway 35 and 30
Lubrication Unit: Domestic Centralized Lubrication Unit
Clamping mode: pneumatic (hydraulic) spring chuck or three-jaw chuck
Tool holder form: electric tool holder and row tool holder
System: Guangzhou CNC 980TC3 (optional for customers)
Screw: Domestic Precision Ball Screw