ZS-100 CNC lathe series
This series lathe adopts 45 degree inclined bed, in which a pneumatic or hydraulic power head is placed, a group of X-and Z-direction moving towing plates on both sides, double system and automatic feeding are arranged. The machine can simultaneously process the end face, central hole, outer circle, slotting and other working procedures at both ends of the workpiece at one time, thus improving the surface cleanliness of the workpiece and the accuracy of the two central holes, which originally required three machine tools to complete the work. Now only one machine tool is needed to complete the machine. It saves time, labor and improves the processing accuracy. The machine tool foot adopts a connecting structure. It is high in steel and not easy to deform. It is flexible in movement. The main components of electrical appliances are imported components. The machine tool is economical, practical and easy to operate.
Inverter: Domestic Inverter or Servo Spindle Driver Tool Rack
Cylinder clamp: Taiwan Cylinder clamp (hydraulic or pneumatic)
Guide form: linear guide
Lubrication Unit: Domestic Centralized Lubrication Unit
Cooling Pump: Domestic Cooling Pump
Coupling: Rigid Coupling
System: Guangzhou CNC (optional for customers)
Screw: Domestic Precision Ball Screw