CK6136H CNC lathe series
 This series of lathes adopt horizontal flat bed; the bed guideways adopt 35 and 30 straight track guideways and stainless steel ring protection, which can ensure long-term stability of processing accuracy and service life, flexible movement and stable accuracy. The foot of the lathe is connected structure, rigidity is not easy to deform, the spindle structure adopts independent spindle, the motor adopts servo spindle motor, the spindle can reach 5000 revolutions/min, and achieve zero. Stage speed regulation, high speed, high accuracy, low overall noise. The tailstock sleeve is enlarged and lengthened, durable. The protective sliding door adopts cylindrical linear guide rail, which is not easy to deform, durable, flexible in movement and imported components in the main parts of electrical appliances. The lathe is economical, applicable and easy to operate.
Inverter: Servo Driver
Bearing structure: front four back two, six bearings
Guide form: linear guide (Taiwan, Germany optional)
Lubrication Unit: Domestic Centralized Lubrication Unit
Cooling Pump: Domestic Cooling Pump
Coupling: Rigid Coupling
System: Guangzhou CNC GSK980TC3 (optional for customers)
Screw: Domestic Precision Ball Screw
Optional configuration
Horizontal Electric Tool Frame with Six and Eight Positions
Pneumatic (hydraulic) spring chuck
Hydraulic three-jaw chuck
Pneumatic (Hydraulic) Tailstock
Cutter rack