CK6130H CNC lathe series
 The series lathe adopts cast integral bed foot with strong stability and good steeliness; the guide rail is fully protected by stainless steel, the spindle is supported by high precision rolling bearings, the rotary precision is high, the guide rail adopts two right angles, the Z-direction screw is installed in the center of the guide rail, the sliding stability is strong and the precision is high, the guide rail adopts wear-resistant cast iron, and after super-audio quenching, the precision grinding is adopted, and the spindle rotates with nitrogen active transformation. Frequency motor variable speed, this lathe is economical and practical, with the functions of turning cylinder, cone, arc, end face, grooving, drilling reaming and processing various threads. It is suitable for automobile and motorcycle parts, valves, electric tools, hardware instruments and other industries.
Inverter: Domestic Inverter
Bearing: HRB Bearing
Guideway form: double triangular reinforcement
Lubrication Unit: Domestic Centralized Lubrication Unit
Cooling Pump: Domestic Cooling Pump
Coupling: Rigid Coupling
System: Guangzhou CNC (optional for customers)
Screw: Domestic Precision Ball Screw
Optional configuration:
Four-position electric tool holder
Pneumatic (hydraulic) spring chuck
Hydraulic three-jaw chuck
Pneumatic (hydraulic tailstock)