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Lubrication is an important means to prevent or delay machine tool wear.
    Machine tool lubrication is one of the important means to prevent or delay machine tool wear. Strengthening equipment lubrication management in enterprises is an important prerequisite to ensure the integrity of equipment, give full play to equipment functions, reduce equipment accidents and faults, prolong the accuracy and life of equipment, and improve the operation efficiency of equipment.
    1. Most of the main parts of machine tools are typical mechanical parts, which are standardized, universal and highly serialized. For example, sliding bearings, rolling bearings, gears, turbine pairs, rolling and sliding guides, screw and nut pairs, clutches, hydraulic systems, cams and so on, the lubrication situation is different.
    2. The environment condition of machine tool: The machine tool is usually installed in indoor environment, the highest temperature in summer is 40 C, and in winter when the temperature is lower than 0 C, the heating mode is usually adopted, so that the environment temperature is 5-10 C. High-precision machine tools require constant temperature air-conditioning environment, generally around 20 degrees Celsius. However, due to the high accuracy and automation of many machine tools, the requirements for the viscosity, antioxidant (service life) and cleanliness of lubricating oil are stricter.
    3. Working conditions of machine tools: different types of machine tools with different sizes and specifications, and even on the same machine tool, the working conditions are quite different due to the different conditions of the parts processed. There are different requirements for lubrication. For example, the requirements for lubrication methods and lubricants of grinding wheel spindle bearings of high-speed internal grinders are quite different from those of heavy-duty and low-speed spindle bearings of heavy-duty machine tools. The former needs to be lubricated by oil mist or oil/gas lubrication system, using low viscosity lubricants, while the latter needs to be lubricated by oil bath or pressure cycle lubrication system, using high viscosity oils.
    4. The adaptability of lubricating oil products to lubricating coolant, rubber seals, paint materials and so on: lubricating coolant is used in most machine tools. In lubricating oil, oil is often emulsified and deteriorated by mixing lubricating coolant, rusting of machine parts, which causes expansion and deformation of rubber seals, and causes bubbles and peeling of paint coatings on the surface of parts. Therefore, the adaptability of oil products to lubricating coolant, rubber seals and paint materials should be considered to prevent oil leakage. Especially with the improvement of machine tool automation, lubricating/cooling oil is used in some automation and numerical control machine tools, which can be used as lubricating oil or lubricating coolant.